Solid Star Biography, (Nigerian Musician), Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Developments, Net worth

Solid Star Biography

Solid Star Biography – In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian music, one name that resonates with rhythmic quality and lyrical depth is Solid Star. Born Joshua Iniyezo on November 8, 1988, he has etched his name into the hearts of music lovers, not just in Nigeria but across Africa. Known for his infectious tunes and compelling lyrics, Solid Star’s journey from a church drummer to a celebrated artist is a testament to his talent and perseverance.

Solid Star Bio Data

Name Joshua Iniyezo (Solid Star)
Stage Name Solid Star Isoko
Occupation Singer, Songwriter
Birthdate November 8, 1988
Birthplace Delta State, Nigeria
Education Attended Oshodi Secondary School
Notable Works “One in a Million,” “The Light” Album
Net Worth Estimated at $1.5 million
Notable Awards Nigeria Music Video Award (NMVA) 2010, Global News Awards 2011

Early Life and Background

Solid Star was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Iniyezo in the culturally rich Delta State, Nigeria. His early exposure to music was through his local church, where he played drums, an experience that sparked his passion for music. Growing up in Aviara, he was immersed in a mix of English, Isoko, and Igbo cultures, which later influenced his unique musical style that blends different languages and rhythms.

Musical Beginnings and Breakthrough

The turning point in Solid Star’s career came when he was discovered by Paul Cole, a record label owner, during a talent hunt in Lagos. This led to his signing with Achievas Record in 2010, marking the beginning of his professional music career. His debut album, “One in a Million,” catapulted him to stardom, thanks to its title track, which he famously remixed with Nigerian music icon 2face Idibia.

Career Milestones

Over the years, Solid Star has enriched the Nigerian music scene with his albums and singles. His discography includes celebrated works like “The Light,” “W.E.E.D,” and “Grace$Glory.” His collaborations with artists like Timaya, Davido, and Tiwa Savage showcase his versatility and ability to merge different musical styles.

Personal Life

Despite his fame, Solid Star keeps his personal life discreet. He is a proud father, a lover of video games, and known for his distinctive collection of tattoos. His commitment to his art and his son are evident, as he balances fatherhood with his demanding music career.

Artistry and Influence

Solid Star’s music is a fusion of Afrobeat, R&B, and reggae, with lyrics that often explore themes of love, social issues, and human resilience. His ability to sing in multiple languages has endeared him to a diverse audience, making his music universally relatable.

Recent Developments

In recent years, Solid Star made headlines with a candid revelation about his struggle with a heroin overdose, an incident that he fortunately survived. This openness about his personal challenges has garnered him even more respect and love from his fans, who admire his vulnerability and strength.

Legacy and Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, Solid Star is not just a musical talent but also a significant figure in the African entertainment industry. His awards and nominations, including those from the Nigeria Entertainment Award and The Headies, highlight his contributions to music and his impact on the cultural landscape.

Discography Highlights

  • Albums: “The Light” (2021), “Solidstar” (2017), “W.E.E.D” (2016), “Grace$Glory” (2013)
  • Singles: “Dionzeck” (2021), “Umbrella” (2021), “Thank You” (2020), “Life” (2020)


What is Solid Star’s real name and where is he from?
Solid Star’s real name is Joshua Iniyezo, and he hails from Delta State, Nigeria, embodying his rich cultural heritage in his music.

How did Solid Star begin his music career?
His musical journey began in his hometown as a drummer in his local church, which paved the way for his eventual fame in the Nigerian music industry.

What song catapulted Solid Star to fame?
The song “One in a Million” was a significant breakthrough in Solid Star’s career, bringing him into the limelight and earning him widespread acclaim.

Has Solid Star won any awards for his music?
Yes, Solid Star has received several accolades, including the Nigeria Music Video Award (NMVA) in 2010 for Best New Artist and the Most Promising Act of the Year at the Global News Awards in 2011.

What are some of Solid Star’s most famous albums?
Some of his notable albums include “The Light,” “W.E.E.D,” and “Grace$Glory,” each showcasing his versatility and depth as a musician.

What languages does Solid Star incorporate into his music?
Solid Star is known for his linguistic versatility, incorporating English, Isoko, and Igbo languages, reflecting Nigeria’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Is Solid Star involved in any philanthropy or community service?
While specific details may not be publicized, many artists like Solid Star often engage in community service and philanthropic efforts, using their platform for positive social impact.

What recent projects or singles has Solid Star released?
Recent works include singles like “Dionzeck,” “Umbrella,” and “Thank You,” continuing his trend of producing resonant and socially relevant music.

Does Solid Star have any children?
Yes, Solid Star is a father, though he keeps the details of his family life private, focusing public attention on his music and career.

What major collaborations has Solid Star been a part of in his career?
Throughout his career, Solid Star has collaborated with several top artists, including 2face Idibia, Timaya, and Tiwa Savage, enriching the Nigerian music scene with his unique sound.

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