2024 Montreal University Scholarships Fully Funded Scholarship for International Student – Apply Now

2024 Montreal University Scholarships Fully Funded Scholarship for International Student - Apply Now

2024 Montreal University Scholarships Fully Funded Scholarship for International Student –The Université de Montréal proudly announces the opening of its scholarship applications for the 2024 academic year. These prestigious scholarships are exclusively available to international students, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to engage in higher education at one of Canada’s top-tier institutions. Beneficiaries of this program will enjoy a fully funded scholarship, encompassing a wide array of academic disciplines and degree levels.

Overview of Montreal University Scholarships

The 2024 Montreal University Scholarships are intricately designed to support and cultivate a diverse group of international scholars, demonstrating a strong commitment to academic excellence and cultural exchange. The scholarships span across multiple terms – winter, summer, fall, and winter of 2024 – ensuring a flexible integration into the academic calendar. This initiative aligns with the university’s strategic goal to attract the brightest minds across the globe, facilitating a rich learning environment and fostering global connections.

Why Choose Montreal University?

Choosing Montreal University is a decision to immerse oneself in a world-class academic environment. The university boasts over 600 unique programs, offering a spectrum of disciplines that cater to a wide range of interests and career aspirations. As the second-largest university in Canada in terms of enrollment, it holds a prestigious international ranking (73rd worldwide and fourth in Canada), showcasing its global reputation for excellence in research, innovation, and education. The campus vibrates with a multicultural atmosphere, where international students outnumber their Canadian counterparts, creating a global village of scholars and future leaders.

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Scholarship Details

University: Université de Montréal

The Université de Montréal stands as a beacon of higher education in Canada, renowned for its diverse range of academic programs and its commitment to research and innovation. As an institution that prides itself on inclusivity and global outreach, it offers a unique opportunity for scholars from around the world to immerse themselves in a vibrant academic community.

Degree Levels: Bachelors, Masters, PhD

  • Bachelors: Undergraduate students will experience a curriculum that balances depth and breadth of knowledge, encouraging a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field while fostering a broad set of skills applicable in various future careers.
  • Masters: Graduate students are provided with an advanced, specialized education, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become experts in their fields and to contribute meaningfully to both academic and industry-related research.
  • PhD: Doctoral candidates will engage in rigorous research, contributing new knowledge and insights to their disciplines. The program is designed to develop scholars who can lead in academia, industry, and government, reflecting the university’s commitment to research excellence.

Scholarship Coverage: Fully Funded

The scholarship program offers a fully funded academic journey, covering:

  • Tuition fees: Complete coverage ensures that students can focus on their studies without the burden of financial stress.
  • Living expenses: A stipend may be provided to cover necessary living expenses such as accommodation, food, and health insurance, enabling a comfortable study experience.
  • Supplementary benefits: Depending on the specific scholarship, additional benefits such as book allowances, travel expenses for conferences, and other academic-related expenditures might be included.

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Eligible Nationality: All Nationalities

  • The scholarships are open to candidates of any nationality, reflecting the university’s global perspective and its commitment to creating an inclusive, diverse student body. This universal eligibility ensures that the best and brightest from any corner of the world have the opportunity to benefit from a world-class education at Université de Montréal.

Award Country: Canada

  • Canada is known for its high-quality education system, welcoming community, and beautiful landscapes, making it an ideal study destination. Studying in Canada, especially at the Université de Montréal, offers a multicultural environment, a safe and friendly atmosphere, and access to numerous cultural, social, and outdoor activities, enriching the overall student experience.

Application Deadline: September 1, 2024

  • The deadline for applications indicates the last day candidates can submit their documentation for consideration. It is crucial for prospective students to prepare and submit all required materials well before this date to ensure their application is complete and to avoid any last-minute issues.

Financial Benefits

The Université de Montréal is committed to supporting your academic journey by providing a comprehensive scholarship package that covers tuition fees and living expenses. The financial benefits are segmented by study level, ensuring that each scholarship holder receives support tailored to their specific academic pathway:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships:
    • Level A: Up to $12,951.76 per academic year.
    • Level B: Up to $6,172.60 per academic year.
    • Level C: Up to $2,159.15 per academic year.
  • Masters Scholarships:
    • Non-research: Approximately $10,046.35 per academic year.
    • Research: Around $10,169.68 per academic year.
  • PhD Scholarships:
    • Standard funding: $21,593.35 annually, facilitating a focus on research and innovation without financial stress.

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Scholarship Requirements

Prospective scholars are required to provide a comprehensive application dossier, including:

  • Official academic transcripts to verify educational qualifications.
  • Valid national ID or passport for identification.
  • An updated curriculum vitae detailing academic achievements, experiences, and skills.
  • Letters of recommendation that attest to the applicant’s academic prowess and character.
  • A motivation letter in English, articulating the applicant’s academic interests, professional goals, and reasons for choosing Université de Montréal.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for this esteemed scholarship, applicants need to:

  • Be classified as international students, holding a valid study permit for Canada.
  • Not possess Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status.
  • Commit to full-time enrollment in their chosen academic program at Université de Montréal, ensuring active engagement in their studies.

Application Process

The scholarship application process is seamlessly integrated into the university’s admission system. By simply applying for admission to your chosen program, you’re automatically in consideration for the scholarship. This streamlined approach ensures that all eligible candidates are evaluated, removing any additional barriers to application. For a detailed guide on the application process and to access the online application portal, visit the official Université de Montréal scholarship website

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