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Emtee Biography

Emtee Biography – Mthembeni Ndevu, widely recognized by his stage name Emtee, is a prominent figure in the South African hip-hop scene, celebrated for his distinctive musical style and significant contributions to the genre. Born in the heart of Matatiele, Eastern Cape, and later relocating to Rockville, Soweto, Emtee’s journey from a young, passionate artist to a renowned hip-hop star is a testament to his talent, perseverance, and innovative spirit. This biography delves into his life, exploring his early years, career milestones, family life, and his ventures beyond music, offering a comprehensive look at his accomplishments and the personal experiences that have shaped him.

Emtee Bio Data

Aspect Details
Full Name Mthembeni Ndevu
Stage Name Emtee
Date of Birth 17 September 1992
Nationality South African
Net Worth Around $4 million
Marital Status In a relationship with Nicole Kendall Chinsamy
Children Avery, Logan, and Nairobi
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer
Place of Birth Matatiele, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Early Life

Born into a family with a rich cultural heritage, Emtee’s early exposure to diverse musical influences ignited his passion for rap music. His upbringing in the vibrant locales of Eastern Cape and Soweto provided a fertile ground for his artistic inclinations, where the pulsating rhythms of urban life fueled his creative aspirations. Embracing music as his calling, Emtee embarked on his journey in the music world with nothing but his talent and a dream to make a mark.

Family and Personal Life

Emtee’s life is a harmonious blend of his public persona and his role as a family man. He shares his life with his long-time partner, Nicole Kendall Chinsamy, and their children, Avery, Logan, and Nairobi. His journey into fatherhood has not only been a source of personal joy but has also deeply influenced his music, infusing it with a sense of maturity and a deeper connection to his roots and experiences.

Educational Background

Despite facing academic challenges, Emtee’s school years played a crucial role in shaping his musical career. It was during this time that he discovered his love for performance, a passion that transcended the conventional classroom setting and guided him towards his true calling. His experiences at Yeoville Primary School, marked by his early forays into music, laid the foundation for his future in the industry.

Musical Career

Emtee’s ascent to stardom was propelled by his hit single “Roll Up,” a track that not only dominated the charts but also firmly established him as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop community. His subsequent association with Ambitiouz Entertainment catalyzed his career, leading to a series of successful releases that showcased his unique sound and lyrical prowess. Despite the challenges and controversies that came with his fame, Emtee’s resilience and commitment to his art have remained unwavering.

Artistic Evolution and Achievements

Throughout his career, Emtee has demonstrated a remarkable ability to evolve and adapt, constantly pushing the boundaries of his musical expression. His discography is a reflection of his growth as an artist, embodying his personal experiences, aspirations, and his profound connection with his audience. His accolades, including numerous awards and nominations, are a testament to his impact on the South African music scene and his role as a leading figure in the hip-hop genre.

Philanthropy and Social Influence

Beyond his musical endeavors, Emtee has shown a deep commitment to giving back to the community and using his platform to advocate for positive change. His initiatives, focused on empowering the youth and supporting aspiring artists, reflect his dedication to fostering a sense of hope and opportunity for others.

Legacy and Future Endeavors

As Emtee continues to navigate the complexities of fame and artistic expression, his legacy is characterized by his innovative contributions to music, his resilience in the face of adversity, and his unwavering dedication to his craft. Looking forward, Emtee remains focused on expanding his horizons, exploring new creative avenues, and continuing to inspire others through his artistry and his journey.


  1. Who is Emtee?
    Emtee, whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu, is a South African rapper, songwriter, and record producer known for his significant impact on the hip-hop scene.
  2. What is Emtee’s most famous song?
    His most famous song is “Roll Up,” which gained widespread popularity and significantly boosted his career.
  3. When was Emtee born?
    Emtee was born on September 17, 1992.
  4. Where is Emtee from?
    He was born in Matatiele, Eastern Cape, South Africa, and was raised in Rockville, Soweto.
  5. Is Emtee married?
    Emtee is not married but is in a long-term relationship with Nicole Kendall Chinsamy, with whom he has children.
  6. How many children does Emtee have?
    Emtee has two sons, Avery and Logan, and one daughter named Nairobi.
  7. Did Emtee start his own record label?
    Yes, after parting ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment, Emtee started his own record label to have more control over his music.
  8. What was Emtee’s debut album?
    His debut album is titled “Avery,” named after his first son.
  9. How did Emtee become famous?
    Emtee rose to fame after his single “Roll Up” became a hit, leading to his success in the South African music industry.
  10. What is Emtee’s net worth?
    Emtee’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

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