How to Contact Ambercash Zambia

How to Contact Ambercash Zambia

How to Contact Ambercash Zambia –  If you’re navigating the financial landscape in Zambia and considering a loan, Ambercash Zambia likely stands out as a notable contender. Renowned for its digital financial solutions, it’s pivotal to understand how you can get in touch with them to utilize their services fully. This guide delves into the essential contact details of Ambercash Zambia, ensuring you can confidently engage with their offerings.

Ambercash Zambia: A Brief Overview

Ambercash Zambia has carved a niche in the digital lending market with its innovative approach to providing financial services. Known for its swift loan processing and strong online presence, especially on platforms like Facebook, Ambercash has become a go-to for many seeking financial assistance in Zambia. Their promise of quick loans and user-friendly service has garnered significant attention and trust from customers.

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Comprehensive Contact Information

Reaching out to Ambercash Zambia is straightforward, thanks to their transparent sharing of contact details. To get in touch with them, here is the way:

  • Email: Reach out to their support team directly at for any inquiries or assistance you might need.
  • Phone Number: For immediate assistance or to speak with a customer service representative, dial +260772137300.
  • Service Hours: Their customer support is available from 0900h to 1800h, ensuring you can get the help you need within these hours.
  • Physical Address: If you prefer a direct interaction or need to visit their office, they are located at Plot No 75/90, Northmead, Luzi Road, Lusaka, Zambia.

The Significance of Accessible Contact Details

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the importance of having reliable and easily accessible contact information cannot be overstated. It not only facilitates smoother transactions and interactions but also establishes a trustful relationship between you and the service provider. Ambercash Zambia’s commitment to providing these details underscores their dedication to excellent customer service and borrower satisfaction.

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Navigating Ambercash Zambia’s Customer Service

The operational hours for Ambercash Zambia’s customer service are designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of clients, ensuring that help is available when you need it. Their responsive and friendly customer support team is geared to assist you with any questions, provide clarity on their loan products, or help guide you through the loan application process.


Effective communication with your financial service provider is crucial, especially in the digital lending sphere. Ambercash Zambia’s comprehensive contact details ensure that you’re never left in the dark, providing a solid foundation for a trusting and reliable borrowing experience. Whether you’re seeking to understand more about their loan offerings or need specific guidance, having these contact details at your disposal empowers you to make informed financial decisions and smoothly navigate your engagement with their services.

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What is the best way to contact Ambercash Zambia for loan inquiries?
You can reach out to Ambercash Zambia via their official email at for any loan-related inquiries or support.

Can I contact Ambercash Zambia by phone?
Yes, Ambercash Zambia is accessible by phone. Their contact number is +260772137300, where you can speak directly with their customer service team.

What are the customer service hours for Ambercash Zambia?
Ambercash Zambia’s customer service is available from 0900h to 1800h, ensuring they can assist you during these hours for any queries or concerns.

Where is Ambercash Zambia located?
Their physical office is situated at Plot No 75/90, Northmead, Luzi Road, Lusaka, Zambia, where you can visit for direct assistance or inquiries.

Is there a way to contact Ambercash Zambia outside of regular business hours?
While the primary contact hours are between 0900h and 1800h, you can still send an email or leave a message outside these hours, and they will respond during the next business day.

How quickly does Ambercash Zambia respond to inquiries?
Ambercash Zambia is known for its prompt customer service, typically responding to queries within a reasonable timeframe during working hours.

Are there any online platforms where I can interact with Ambercash Zambia?
Yes, Ambercash Zambia has a strong presence on social media, particularly Facebook, where they engage with customers and post regular updates.

Can I apply for a loan directly through the Ambercash Zambia contact methods?
While you can inquire about loans through their contact methods, you’ll likely be directed to their official platform or application process for formal loan application procedures.

What should I do if I don’t receive a timely response from Ambercash Zambia?
If you haven’t received a response within the expected timeframe, consider following up through the same contact method or try reaching out via a different channel like their social media or phone.

Does Ambercash Zambia provide customer support for non-loan related inquiries?
Absolutely, Ambercash Zambia’s customer service team is equipped to handle a wide range of inquiries, not limited to just loan-related questions but also general information about their services.

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