IBD Dende Biography: Age, Wife, Education, Net Worth, State of Origin, Career 

IBD Dende Biography


IBD Dende is a Nigerian entrepreneur, hotelier, and social media influencer who has built a multi-billion naira empire from humble beginnings. Learn more about IBD Dende IBD Dende Biography, achievements, family, and controversies in this article.


IBD Dende Biography


Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun, popularly known as IBD Dende, is one of the wealthiest and most influential individuals in Ogun State, Nigeria. He is the founder and CEO of IBD Impex Limited, a clearing and forwarding company that operates in Lagos, Apapa, and Seme border. He is also the owner of IBD International Hotel and IBD Dende Royal Hotel, two of the most luxurious hotels in Ogun State. In addition, he has interests in quarry and mining, palm oil production, and agriculture.


But how did IBD Dende rise from a poor orphan who dropped out of school to a business mogul who commands respect and admiration from his peers and fans? What are the secrets behind his success and wealth? What are the challenges and controversies he has faced in his journey? And what are his plans and aspirations for the future?


In this article, we will explore the biography of IBD Dende, covering his early life, education, career, family, net worth, and more. We will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about him and his businesses. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of who IBD Dende is and what makes him tick.



Early Life and Education


IBD Dende was born on March 3, 1970, in Ilaro, a town in the Yewa region of Ogun State. He is a native of Yewaland, a sub-ethnic group of the Yoruba people. He attended St. John Anglican Primary School and Community High School, both in Ebute Igbooro, for his basic education. However, he lost his parents at a young age and had to drop out of school after completing Form 3. He later enrolled in the Egbado Teacher Training College (ETTC) in Igbo-Nla, Ilaro, but could not finish his studies there either.


IBD Dende faced a lot of hardships and struggles in his childhood and adolescence. He had to fend for himself and his siblings by doing odd jobs and menial work. He also faced discrimination and bullying from his peers and relatives because of his poor background and lack of formal education. He once said in an interview that he was called “omo ale” (meaning bastard) by some people who looked down on him.


Despite these challenges, IBD Dende did not give up on his dreams and ambitions. He was determined to make something out of his life and prove his critics wrong. He developed a strong work ethic, a resilient spirit, and a positive attitude. He also learned from his mentors and role models, such as Alhaji Akeem Adigun (SOCOPAO), a successful clearing and forwarding agent who took him under his wings and taught him the trade.


Career and Business Ventures


IBD Dende started his career in the field of clearing and forwarding, working as an apprentice under Alhaji Akeem Adigun (SOCOPAO), a renowned agent in the industry. He learned the trade and established his own company, IBD Impex Limited, in 1998. He obtained a custom license and became a professional importer and exporter of goods and services through the land border. He operates in Lagos, Apapa, and Seme border, and has a fleet of trucks for transportation of goods.


IBD Dende diversified his business interests into the hospitality sector in 2008, when he built the IBD International Hotel in Ilaro, the capital of Yewa land. The hotel is a five-star facility with modern amenities and services, and has hosted several dignitaries and celebrities. He also owns another hotel in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, called IBD Dende Royal Hotel. He is a distinguished hotelier who has contributed to the local tourism industry.


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IBD Dende ventured into the quarry and mining sector in 2010, when he acquired a quarry site in Igboora, Oyo State. He established IBD Dende Quarry Limited, a company that engages in the exploration and production of granite and other solid minerals. He also owns a palm oil production company called IBD Dende Palm Oil Limited, located in Ilaro. The company produces and supplies palm oil and palm kernel to the local market and beyond.


IBD Dende is also involved in agriculture, as he owns a large farm in Ilaro, where he cultivates crops such as cassava, maize, yam, and plantain. He also rears livestock such as cattle, goats, sheep, and poultry. He has said that agriculture is his passion and that he intends to invest more in the sector in the future.


IBD Dende is a visionary and innovative entrepreneur who has created employment opportunities for thousands of people in Ogun State and beyond. He has also mentored and empowered many young and aspiring entrepreneurs, especially from his hometown of Ilaro. He is a role model and an inspiration to many Nigerians who admire his success and achievements.


Wife, Family and Personal Life


IBD Dende is married to Alhaja Mrs Omolara Dende, a beautiful and supportive woman who is also a businesswoman. They have four children together, three sons and a daughter. Their names are Abdulrahman, Abdulraheem, Abdulrasheed, and Aishat. IBD Dende is a loving and caring husband and father who takes good care of his family and provides them with the best of everything.


IBD Dende is a devout Muslim who practices his faith diligently. He observes the five daily prayers, fasts during Ramadan, and performs the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. He also gives generously to the poor and needy, especially during festive periods such as Eid-el-Fitr and Eid-el-Kabir. He is a respected and influential member of the Muslim community in Ogun State and beyond.


IBD Dende is a sociable and friendly person who enjoys the company of his friends and associates. He is often seen at social events and parties, where he displays his flamboyant and extravagant lifestyle. He loves to wear expensive and designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. He also loves to drive exotic and luxurious cars, such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, and Range Rover. He has a collection of over 20 cars in his garage.


IBD Dende is a fan of music and entertainment. He likes to listen to different genres of music, such as Fuji, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, and R&B. He is also a patron and supporter of many Nigerian musicians, especially those from the Yoruba genre. He has sponsored and promoted many artists, such as Pasuma, Saheed Osupa, Taye Currency, and Qdot. He is also a friend and admirer of many celebrities, such as Odunlade Adekola, Femi Adebayo, Funke Akindele, and Mercy Aigbe.


IBD Dende is a man of many interests and hobbies. He likes to travel and explore different places and cultures. He has visited many countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. He also likes to read and learn new things. He has said that he reads at least one book every month, and that he is always eager to acquire more knowledge and skills. He also likes to play games and sports, such as chess, scrabble, table tennis, and golf.


Net Worth and Assets

IBD Dende

IBD Dende is one of the richest and most successful businessmen in Nigeria. He has an estimated net worth of over N100 billion, according to some sources. He has amassed his fortune from his various business ventures, especially his clearing and forwarding company, which is said to generate over N1 billion monthly. He also earns a lot of income from his hotels, quarry, palm oil, and agriculture businesses.


IBD Dende owns several properties and assets in Nigeria and abroad. He has a mansion in Ilaro, where he lives with his family. He also has houses in Abeokuta, Lagos, Abuja, and Dubai. He owns several plots of land in different locations, which he plans to develop into commercial or residential projects. He also has shares and investments in other companies and sectors, such as banking, oil and gas, and telecommunications.

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