Is Aunty Ramota Married? The Truth About Aunty Ramota’s Relationship Status

Is Aunty Ramota Married

Have you ever watched Aunty Ramota’s funny videos on Instagram? She is a very popular comedian and actress in Nigeria. She makes people laugh with her jokes and skits. She is also very cute and small in size. But do you know anything about her love life? Is she married or single? Many people want to know the answer to this question. Especially after they saw some photos and videos of her wedding with Jamiu Azeez, another actor. Was it a real wedding or a fake one? What is the truth behind it? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Aunty Ramota’s relationship status. We will also answer some other questions about her personal life, such as her real name, her age, her origin, her education, her career, her daughter, her net worth, and her future plans. You will learn a lot of interesting things about this amazing woman. So, keep reading and enjoy!

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Is Aunty Ramota Married to Jamiu Azeez?

Many people thought that Aunty Ramota was married to Jamiu Azeez, a famous Yoruba actor and producer. This was because they saw some photos and videos of their wedding on social media. They looked very happy and in love. But the truth is, it was not a real wedding. It was just a scene from a movie they acted in. The movie is called “Oko Ramota” and it is a comedy about a short woman who falls in love with a tall man. Aunty Ramota and Jamiu Azeez are just good friends and colleagues. They are not married to each other in real life. They only pretended to be married for the movie. They have cleared the air and said that they are not a couple.

Is Aunty Ramota Single or in a Relationship?

Aunty Ramota is a famous Instagram comedian and actress who has many fans and admirers. But is she single or in a relationship? The answer is not very clear. She has not revealed her boyfriend or husband to the public. She has also not posted any pictures or videos of her with a romantic partner on her social media accounts. She likes to keep her personal life private. However, some people say that she has a daughter, but this is not confirmed either. She has not shown her daughter to the public or talked about her. She only focuses on her comedy career and making people laugh. So, we do not know for sure if Aunty Ramota is single or in a relationship. Maybe she will tell us one day, or maybe she will surprise us with a wedding announcement. Until then, we can only guess and wish her happiness and success.

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Aunty Ramota Child

Does Aunty Ramota have a daughter? The answer is not very clear. She has not confirmed or denied having a daughter. Some people say that she has a daughter, but they do not have any proof. They only base their claim on some photos and videos that show Aunty Ramota with a young girl. But the girl could be her niece, her sister, or her friend’s daughter. She could also be an actress who plays her daughter in a movie or a skit. Aunty Ramota has not shown her daughter to the public or talked about her.

Aunty Ramota Real Name

Aunty Ramota is a famous name on Instagram, but do you know her real name? Aunty Ramota real name is Ramota Adetu. She was born in 1981 in Ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria.

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Aunty Ramota Net Worth

Aunty Ramota net worth

Aunty Ramota net worth was $20,000 as of 2024 which is equivalent to ₦2 million. She makes money from her Instagram account, where she has over 500,000 followers. She also makes money from her YouTube channel, where she uploads her comedy videos and skits. She also makes money from acting in movies and shows, such as “Oko Ramota”, a comedy movie where she played the lead role with Jamiu Azeez.

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