Deza The Great Biography, (Nollywood Actor), Early Life, Education, Career, Personal Life, Family, Philanthropy, Net Worth

Deza The Great Biography

Deza The Great Biography –  Adekanla Desalu, popularly known as Deza The Great, is a notable figure in Nigeria’s Nollywood industry, whose talents span across acting, business advisory, banking, modeling, TV hosting, and motivational speaking. Born on November 7, 1980, in Lagos State, Nigeria, he has become one of Nollywood’s cherished actors, gracing the screen with his compelling performances and charismatic presence. This biography sheds light on Deza’s journey, exploring his multifaceted career, early life, educational background, and his contributions to both the entertainment and corporate sectors.

Deza The Great Bio Data

Attribute Details
Full Name Adekanla Desalu
Stage Name Deza The Great
Date of Birth November 7, 1980
Occupation Actor, Business Advisor, Banker, Model, TV Host
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth $250,000

Early Life and Education

Deza was born into the Desalu family, where he was imbued with a rich cultural heritage and a strong educational ethos. He pursued his higher education at the University of Lagos, earning a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science and later an MBA focusing on Artificial Intelligence from Nexford University. His academic achievements laid a solid foundation for his diverse career pursuits.

Acting Career

Deza’s foray into Nollywood has seen him become a celebrated actor, known for his versatile roles and captivating performances. He has a rich filmography that includes titles like “Wasted,” “Thirst Trap,” and “Love in Lagos,” showcasing his range and depth as an actor. His dedication to his craft has made him a beloved figure in the Nigerian film industry, where he continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his work.

Banking and Business Career

Beyond his acting prowess, Deza has established a significant presence in the banking sector, working at Sterling Bank Plc as a Regional Client Engagement Officer. His journey in the banking industry began in 2008, showcasing his versatility and acumen in business development and customer engagement. Before his tenure at Sterling Bank, he also contributed his expertise to Globacom (GLO), enhancing their commercial roaming services.

Personal Life and Family

Deza’s personal life is as fulfilling as his professional journey. He is a devoted husband to Mrs. Desalu and a loving father to two daughters, enriching his life with family joy and responsibilities. His life story is not just about his individual achievements but also about his role as a family man, cherishing and celebrating his loved ones.

Philanthropy and Social Engagement

Despite his busy career, Deza is deeply involved in various social causes and uses his platform to inspire and motivate others. His life story is a testament to resilience, versatility, and the pursuit of excellence across different spheres of life.


Deza The Great embodies the spirit of multi-dimensional success, seamlessly navigating between his artistic passions and his corporate commitments. His biography is a narrative of determination, talent, and the continuous pursuit of growth, both personally and professionally. As he continues to evolve and inspire, Deza’s legacy is marked by his contributions to Nollywood, his impact in the banking sector, and his unwavering commitment to his family and community.

Deza The Great stands as a testament to the diverse possibilities that life offers, illustrating that with passion, resilience, and versatility, one can leave a mark in various realms, from the silver screens of Nollywood to the strategic corridors of the banking world, all while maintaining a grounded and fulfilling family life.


Who is Deza The Great?
Deza The Great, whose real name is Adekanla Desalu, is a versatile Nigerian actor known for his roles in Nollywood. He’s also a business advisor, banker, model, TV host, brand influencer, and motivational speaker.

What is Deza The Great known for?
He is primarily known for his acting career in Nollywood, where he has become one of the industry’s recognizable faces due to his talent and good looks.

How old is Deza The Great?
Born on November 7, 1980, Deza The Great is currently around 43 years old.

Where is Deza The Great from?
He hails from Lagos State, Nigeria, and belongs to the Yoruba ethnic group.

What is Deza The Great’s educational background?
Deza The Great earned his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Lagos and later pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focusing on Artificial Intelligence at Nexford University.

What are some of Deza The Great’s notable films?
His filmography includes movies like “Wasted,” “Thirst Trap,” “Love in Lagos,” and many more, showcasing his range as an actor.

Is Deza The Great married?
Yes, Deza The Great is married to Mrs. Desalu, and they have been blessed with two daughters.

Has Deza The Great won any awards?
While specific awards are not mentioned, his prolific career in Nollywood and other ventures suggests recognition within his fields of expertise.

What other professions is Deza The Great involved in?
Aside from acting, he is engaged in banking, where he works as a Regional Client Engagement Officer at Sterling Bank Plc, and he has a background in business development and customer care.

What is Deza The Great’s net worth?
As of 2024, his estimated net worth stands at around $250,000, reflecting his successful career in both the entertainment and corporate sectors.

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