Jaco Jacobs Biography, (South African Author), Early Life, Career, Awards, Personal Life

Jaco Jacobs Biography

Jaco Jacobs Biography – Jaco Jacobs, born in 1980, stands as a prolific South African author whose literary contributions have significantly shaped Afrikaans children’s literature. Hailing from the quaint town of Carnarvon in the Northern Cape, Jacobs embarked on his writing journey at a tender age, with his stories captivating readers and earning publication while he was still in high school. Renowned for his enchanting tales that span over 260 books, his works resonate with children and young adults alike, weaving narratives that combine humor, whimsy, and poignant themes. This biography delves into the life of Jaco Jacobs, tracing his evolution from a young storyteller to a celebrated author whose books have left an indelible mark on the landscape of children’s literature.

Jaco Jacobs Bio Data

Attribute Details
Full Name Jaco Jacobs
Date of Birth 1980
Place of Birth Carnarvon, Northern Cape, South Africa
Occupation Author, Translator
Notable Works Suurlemoen!, A Good Day for Climbing Trees
Awards Alba Bouwer Prize, C.P. Hoogenhout Award, Scheepers Prize for Youth Literature
Genres Children’s Literature, Young Adult Fiction

Early Life and Literary Beginnings

Jaco Jacobs’ literary journey began in the serene backdrop of Carnarvon, where his passion for storytelling was nurtured from a young age. His foray into writing saw him creating short stories that quickly found a home in various magazines, marking the inception of what would become a prolific writing career. His educational background, though not extensively documented, laid the foundation for his creative pursuits, propelling him towards a future rich in literary acclaim.

Literary Career and Milestones

Jaco Jacobs’ repertoire boasts over 260 books, a testament to his versatility and prolific output. His storytelling prowess spans various genres, from picture books to young adult novels, captivating a diverse audience. His notable works include Suurlemoen! (Lemon!), a young adult novel that garnered international recognition, and A Good Day for Climbing Trees, a compelling narrative that has been celebrated globally. His commitment to enriching children’s literature is further exemplified in his translations, bringing over 300 books from English and Dutch into Afrikaans, thereby expanding the horizons of young readers.

Awards and International Recognition

Jacobs’ literary excellence has been acknowledged through numerous accolades, including the prestigious Alba Bouwer Prize, the C.P. Hoogenhout Award, and the Scheepers Prize for Youth Literature. His work Suurlemoen! was adapted into a feature film, bringing his characters to life on the silver screen and showcasing the universal appeal of his storytelling. His international acclaim is highlighted by the translation of his works into multiple languages, making his stories accessible to a global audience and solidifying his status as a significant figure in children’s literature.

Personal Life and Artistic Vision

While much of Jaco Jacobs’ personal life remains away from the public eye, his artistic vision is vividly reflected in his literary contributions. He continues to inspire, entertain, and provoke thought among young readers, using his pen to paint worlds filled with imagination, adventure, and heartfelt lessons. His enduring commitment to children’s literature not only underscores his passion for storytelling but also his dedication to fostering a love for reading among the younger generation.


Jaco Jacobs’ biography is a narrative of creativity, dedication, and enduring impact. His journey from a young writer to an acclaimed author embodies the transformative power of literature, highlighting how stories can enchant, educate, and inspire. As he continues to write, translate, and contribute to the literary world, Jacobs remains a beacon of inspiration, his works a testament to the art of storytelling and its significance in shaping young minds.


Who is Jaco Jacobs?
Jaco Jacobs is a prolific South African author renowned for his extensive work in children’s literature, predominantly writing in Afrikaans. He has published over 260 books ranging from picture books to young adult novels.

What genres does Jaco Jacobs write in?
Jacobs writes across a broad spectrum of children’s literature, including picture books, poetry, and novels for young adults.

How many books has Jaco Jacobs published?
To date, Jaco Jacobs has published more than 260 books for children and young adults.

Has any of Jaco Jacobs’ works been adapted into films?
Yes, his young adult novel “Suurlemoen!” was adapted into a South African film released in 2014, and his novel “Oor ‘n motorfiets, ‘n zombiefliek en lang getalle wat deur elf gedeel kan word” was adapted into the feature film “Nul is nie niks nie.

What awards has Jaco Jacobs won?
He has won several prestigious awards, including the Alba Bouwer Prize, the C.P. Hoogenhout Award, the Tienie Holloway Medal, and the Scheepers Prize for Youth Literature.

What is Jaco Jacobs’ most notable work?
One of his most notable works is “Suurlemoen!” (Lemon!), a young adult book that was selected as an IBBY Honor Book and has received a lot of praise.

Where was Jaco Jacobs born?
His birthplace is Carnarvon in the Northern Cape of South Africa.

Does Jaco Jacobs write under any pseudonyms?
Yes, he has written some of his works under pseudonyms, including Lize Roux and Tania Brink.

What languages does Jaco Jacobs translate from?
He has translated over 300 books from English and Dutch into Afrikaans, earning accolades for his translation work.

What recognition has Jaco Jacobs received for his translations?
He was honored with the Elsabe Steenberg Prize for children’s book translation and the SATI Prize for his translation of “Ottoline and the Yellow Cat” (Willemien en die Geel Kat) by Chris Riddell. the translation of children’s books.

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